Securities Brokerage

About Securities Brokerage

OKAZ offers its services to domestic and international institutions and individuals. It provides the full range of securities brokerage services.

Account Management

A team of professional account managers closely monitor clients' accounts with utmost discretion, aided by a highly sophisticated software network updating clients' positions instantaneously.

In addition, a well-developed communication network enables clients to be well informed on their cash and securities position as well as real time market prices.

Clients can access their positions via our website or by using our application (Okaz Trade)


Trade Execution

A team of experienced traders and brokers efficiently execute clients' orders aided by a large on–line screen network monitoring market activity. Company brokers are known to be competent, efficient and conscientious.

Intra-Day Trading

This service is offered to short term investors who wish to benefit from market fluctuations.

Margin Trading

Clients who wish to trade using margin financing are welcome if they adhere to the margin financing rules specified by FRA “The Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority”.

GDR Trading Desk

Egyptian Securities listed on the London Stock Exchange may be traded with the possibility of realizing profits from arbitrage.

OTC Transactions

A team of competent and efficient brokers and lawyers examine all the necessary legal documents needed for OTC transactions, advise clients on all the legal steps and paperwork required for deal execution.

They execute the deal, make the necessary notifications and have the transfer of title certificate issued.

Company Listings

OKAZ is a licensed listing agent and has assisted several companies in listing their shares on EGX.