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Arab Payments Week begins in Abu Dhabi to promote cooperation, innovation in financial sector

21/04/2024 03:50 PM

(WAM) -

The Arab Payments Week is being held from 26th to 28th February, 2024 in Abu Dhabi, to provide a platform for policymakers, regulators, and payment system practitioners to meet and exchange ideas on developing payment systems and enhancing local and cross-border payment innovations and practices, by focussing on cooperation opportunities.

Featuring over 40 speakers of leading experts in the field, the event aims to drive innovation and encourage the broader adoption of digital financial services, to shape the future of payments in the Arab region and beyond.

The Arab Payments Week is organised by the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) and the Arab Regional Payment System (Buna), which provides clearing and settlement services for payments in Arab countries and other regions.

It also brings together speakers and attendees from various global financial sectors, including leaders of central banks, governmental and regulatory institutions, commercial banks, and payment infrastructure systems.

The gathering aims to highlight the event’s significant role in facilitating economic growth, through enhancing integration among Arab economies and their trade and investment relations with their global partners.

Mehdi Manaa, CEO of Buna, said, “The Arab Payments Week is a major stride towards shaping the future of financial transactions in our region and worldwide. Financial community leaders coming together provides an opportunity to solidify the Arab region's stature as a centre for facilitating international payments. We are pleased with the fact that the Buna platform is leading this initiative, reaffirming our commitment to creating a more efficient and inclusive payment environment.”

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