What is the best investment for your money?

18 Octobar. 2020

1- Saving accounts at banks which yield around 6%. The problem is it’s a very low rate.

2- Certificates of Deposits interest of which is

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What are the financial indicators to look at before buying a stock?

12 Octobar. 2020

1- P/E ratio which is the price of the stock divided by earning per share. The lower this value means there is more upside potential for the stock

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When is the best time to invest in Stocks?

20 September. 2020

1- Economy looks to be on the right track and industry forecasts are postive and showing growth forecasts

2- Companies have positive Earn

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What you should know before investing in the stock market ?

18 September. 2020

1- Understand the importance of diversification
2- Find your Risk tolerance.
3- Understand the basics of the stocks you are intereste

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