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About Portfolio Management

OKAZ Portfolio Management was established in 2006 in response to brokerage client requests for professional management of their funds by OKAZ, based on the company's reputation for honest and credible investment advice.

The management team enjoys over 40 years of cumulative experience in the investment field. OKAZ Portfolio Management prides itself on its exceptional team of professionals who are committed to the analysis and assessment of local and global markets. Highly skilled investment officers handle the day to day monitoring of client portfolios. Furthermore, the company's top of the line asset management software provides clients with accurate and detailed reports on their portfolios.

OKAZ Portfolio Management offers both tailored portfolios and structured fund products, serving high net worth clients as well as institutions. The company provides different investment solutions specially tailored to suit every need and every risk profile.

The company's products and services cover the whole spectrum of securities management, ranging from equity portfolios, balanced portfolios and fixed income to index tracking, Islamic and capital guaranteed portfolios.

At OKAZ Portfolio Management, clients are offered international diversification to optimize portfolio returns. In addition, the company offers clients exposure to various international hedge funds.

When making investment decisions, the company emphasizes client objectives, uses rigid control structures and applies international best practices.

OKAZ Portfolio Management will give each and every portfolio the attention needed to outperform the market and maximize returns.

The company performs its services at the most competitive portfolio management fee structure available in the market.

OKAZ Portfolio Management has a proven track record of beating the market and outperforming the benchmark.