Why Okaz


At OKAZ we are proud to have been an active contributor to the Egyptian Capital Market's development. We have been in the market working with investors for over 25 years, during which we have helped our clients navigate their investments through turbulent markets.

Our main objective is helping our clients achieve their financial goals. We pay individual, undivided attention to clients, keeping their best interest in mind.

OKAZ provides the right investment opportunities through disciplined performance and specialized capabilities, all grounded in years of experience.

We believe that each investor is entitled to the best quality service, regardless of the size of his investments. Above all, OKAZ prides itself on a tradition of honest, educated and prudent investment advice.

We are committed to growing our core values which always place our clients’ interest first. These values are reflected in our business principles which emphasize integrity, commitment to excellence, innovation and teamwork.

Our committed to continuously evolve is reflected in the quality of our professionals who possess both the foresight to understand and the ability to respond to developing market needs. Our company is well structured, grounded in history and poised for continued growth and success.