Chairperson's Note




Welcome to the OKAZ family of financial investment firms.

 I would like to take this opportunity to give you an overview of OKAZ and to convey its values and principles and its ambitions for the future.

 OKAZ was founded in 1984 by the late Dr. Mohamed Hamed, former president of the Cairo Stock Exchange, who was a renowned scholar and a  credible financial advisor.

 Dr. Hamed established an institution based on the values he cherished and honored, which are commitment to excellence, innovation and integrity. His legacy continues to thrive in OKAZ, with its top management and most of its senior staff having been tutored and coached by him for many years.

 As we look to the future, we are committed to capitalize on our privileged position as a credible veteran institution to expand our base of institutional and private clients on the local, regional and international levels.

 Our aim is to maintain a long- lasting relationship with our clients by offering them quality services and prudent investment advice according to their respective investment objectives. Binding clients' interests with our own, we make sure that our clients enjoy a privileged position in the stock market. Our strategy is to continue to build upon our achievements by striving to widen the array of services we offer our clients.

 Finally I would like to explain the choice of the name OKAZ and what it stands for.

 Okaz was once the most famous market place in the Arabian Peninsula. The market was first recorded in 500 BC and lasted until 760 AD. It began every year when the pilgrims arrived in Mekkah and went on for 4 months. Arabs had agreed that during those particular months they would not use weapons or initiate wars, thus OKAZ provided a safe environment for trading.

 At OKAZ, Arabs used to challenge one another with their poems, boast the achievements of their tribes, and attempt to settle their inter-tribal disputes. Truces and treaties signed at OKAZ were honored by the tribes.

 Thus, OKAZ was not just a market for the exchange of goods, but it also offered many cultural activities, whereby it played an important role in shaping the Arab society.

 Hence, OKAZ symbolize challenge, commitment to excellence, prudence, trust and honor.

 At OKAZ Group we cherish all the values which the old market stands for.

 We provide our clients with a safe environment for their investments and we help them challenge the market by providing the right investment opportunities for changing market conditions.


 Amani Hamed