Online Trading


OKAZ trading platform offers its clients an exceptional trading experience from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere.

Our fast, easy and secure online trading platform enables clients to execute their transactions independently in less than 15 seconds

via user friendly software, keeping them instantaneously updated on their updated cash and securities positions.


Clients can trade online through our website or using our Mobile Application "Okaz Trade"


 Our application offers the following features:

- Clients can start trading immediately, after opening an account.

- You can transfer money from your bank account to your account in the company and vice versa without having to visit the company.

- Place orders (buy/sell), specify the order validity and change or cancel orders

- Place T+0 transactions, T+1 orders

- Execute transactions using smart orders including (order cancel order) and (if –done orders), where an executed order will activate another order.

- Clients can also review their accounts and create their own trading strategies with the help of our fundamental and technical recommendations

that are prepared by a team of top-notch seasoned experts.


Should you have any queries regarding smart orders, please download the file (E-trade smart order demo) or

contact our technical support team through the following channels:


Tel: (+202) 25923900

Mobile: (+2) 01005004263

Whats App: (+2) 01274050131